Sweet North was formed in 2009 with experienced musicians from Cannon Falls, Northfield and Red Wing, Minnesota. We play acoustic instruments typical of a bluegrass band, with the exception of a banjo. Sorry banjos!  Four of us first played together at a private party.  It worked so well that we decided to keep getting together, and have done so weekly since August 2009.  In November 2009 our lineup was completed when John Reed started playing violin with us.  Although none of us have an extensive bluegrass background, our current song list contains much of that type of music.  Our individual musical performance history includes rock, country, jazz, blues, folk and classical.  So, who knows where time will take us!  We are excited about the possibilities and have a large backlog of songs we want to work up. 

Our members

Sandy Jensen - Vocals & Octave Mandolin
Doug Duncan - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Tom Erickson - Vocals & Upright Acoustic Bass
Tom Sampson - Mandolin
John Reed - Vocals, Violin & Viola

Some tidbits

Sandy Jensen also sings in a band called Relativity with her husband and twin sister. Sandy started attending bluegrass jams in 2008 and was soon stolen away to form a band!

Doug Duncan played lead guitar in a country band called “Conbrio” in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Conbrio played over 500 gigs in a nine year period. 

Tom Erickson was the original bass player in Conbrio, but has played in dozens of bands through his nonstop musical career.  Some weeks he’ll play with two or three bands.  Tom Erickson and Doug started playing together when they were 12 in a band called “The Lads”. They went to their first gig at age 13 pulling their equipment in American Flyer wagons!

Tom Sampson is a very skilled and experienced electric guitar player, and former touring musician. However his interests have turned to acoustic music and the mandolin in recent years. Lucky us!

John Reed built the instruments he plays and teaches that art as well.  He has played in symphony orchestras and numerous bands through the years.  Currently he also plays in a band with Tom Erickson and Tom Sampson called “Acoustic Overdrive”.  John’s “Back Porch Band” was highly regarded during its tenure.